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As a Trust, growth is not a high priority for us.  We are financially stable with reserves in excess of £1m.  We currently educate over 2 100 children and, with over 300 staff, we are one of the largest employers in Rochdale (March 2019).  We like the autonomy within our institutions, all of which we believe to be ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’. 

Growing the Trust is a risk on all sides, but we are always interested in talking to likeminded people who are passionate about education and wanting the best for the children in their care regardless of the school’s current OFSTED status.

We know that carefully managed growth can be a ‘win-win’ for all parties. 

Schools (regardless of OFSTED judgement) who may wish to join us and benefit from the economies of scale that groups of organised schools can offer each other are encouraged to contact the Trust’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Graham Wright on 01706 399232 for a preliminary discussion. We also welcome the opportunity to present to Governors/Interim Executive Boards.

Contact details:

Telephone: 01706 399232

Email: info@wardletrust.co.uk

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