Wardle Trust

Benefits of Joining

Together schools have more buying power than each one independently. Together they have opportunities to share each other’s facilities. Together they have the opportunities to share staffing and expertise. Together they can offer more training for their staff. Together they have the advantage of supporting their schools with the best services available and are not reliant upon local authority services. Together they can consider sharing new staff. Together they can remove the need to have their headteachers overly focused upon issues such as building repairs, finance problems, and staff management problems as a central team will support the headteachers with these issues allowing them the freedom to concentrate on the quality of the teaching and learning within their schools.

The Trust can also give significant support in terms of helping the school to account for the progress of its students.

Support from the Trust is centred upon an agreed package of activities designed to maximise the above opportunities.

As a not-for-profit charitable organisation the Trust has to be able to demonstrate how this funding is reinvested into supporting the school. Some schools also qualify for a DfE start-up grant, and the Trust has to demonstrate how that funding will be used within the school to help improve student progress.

Typical support from the Trust can look like:-
- Physical and Human Resource Support
- Leading on Academy Conversion
- Payroll
- Capital Stock Management
- Health and Safety
- Finance Management
- Audit
- Census
- Marketing and Media development
- Licences
- IT support and management
- Staff Welfare
- Catering support
- Specialist Support for Learning

- REAL Trust membership
- Primary Sports Partnership
- Healthy Schools Support
- NQT Support
- Music Support
- Additional Needs/SEND support
- Creative and Media specialist
- Specialist teacher support (eg PE/Music/Drama/MFL/Sci/Maths/Tech)
- School Improvement Subject Support
- Sustaining Improvement

- Education Welfare support
- Family/School liaison
- School Improvement Moderation
- Data Management
- Leadership Development
- Leadership Support
- Local GB support & Clerking

No two schools are the same; they are often in different positions, therefore, the support will differ according to need. In addition, some schools will prefer to stay with existing providers (including the best of some local authority provision). The Watergrove Trust recognises this offering bespoke packages to all potential partners.

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