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Trust Policies

Welcome to the Trust Policies section of the Watergrove Trust website.

Current policies

Annual Leave Policy - Sept 2019

Anti-Fraud and Corruption (Whistle Blowing) Policy - Sept 2019

Appointment of Apprentices Policy - Sept 2019

Biometric Information Policy

Capability Procedure for Associate Staff - Jan 2019

Charging and Remissions Policy - Jan 2019

Complaints Procedure

Dignity at Work Policy - Sept 2019

Discretionary Leave and Flexible Working Policy - Sept 2019

Educational/Out of School Visits Policy

Expenses Policy - Sept 2019

Finance Policy - Dec 2018

Fixed Asset and Depreciation Policy - Jan 2019

Freedom of Information Policy

Gifts and Hospitality Policy - Jan 2019

Health-related Absence Policy and Procedure - Sept 2019

LGPS Employer Discretions - Sept 2019

Lone Workers Policy - Sept 2019

Managing Allegations in School - Sept 2019 (Procedures and Guidance)

Military Reservists in Schools Policy - Sept 2019

NQT Induction Policy - Oct 2019

Redundancy Policy - Sept 2019

Register of Business Interests Pro-forma

Reserves and Investment Policy - Sept 2019

School Pay Policy for Support Staff - Sept 2019

Staff Disciplinary Policy - Sept 2019

Staff Dress Code - Sept 2019

Staff Grievance Policy - Sept 2019

Supplemental Funding Agreement signed by the DfE

Teacher Appraisal and Teacher Capability Policy - Jan 2019

Vulnerable Students Policy

Write-off and Disposal Policy - Sept 2019


Data Protection

Data Protection Policy 2018

Privacy Notice for Parents and Carers - Pupil Data

Privacy Notice for Parents and Carers - how we use your data

Privacy Notice for Staff

Privacy Notice for Job Applicants

Privacy Notice for Governors, Trustees and other Volunteers


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